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Simple Beginnings

A company with simple beginnings fueled by passion and dedication, that's how it all started.

In 1992, JZ Electrical Supply which was initially based on Quiapo, Manila traded electrical supplies such as:

- Panasonic IMC pipes,

- Panasonic EMT pipes,

- GE circuit breakers (MCCBs and ACBs),

- GE magnetic starters,

- GE lightings and fixtures,

- Fuji magnetic starters and controls,

- Fuji circuit breakers,

- Panelboards and control panels, etc.

It was with the efforts of the owners that the company expanded, gained trustworthy customers, and had great supplier relationships. The owners' main goal was to be one of the best electrical suppliers in Manila. Quality of products, customer satisfaction, and good behavior towards clients were the top priorities of the company.

Twenty years from the day company operations started, it has come a long way. We've become a corporation in 2003, joined the electrical organization PAEII, expanded our product range with ANCHOR flexible conduits and fittings and local UL-Listed electrical pipes, became the top seller/ dealer of Panasonic White Conduits, GE circuit breakers, Fuji magnetic starters at some point in the course of business, supplied to high-value projects, and a lot more.

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